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Today, beauty goes hand in hand with youth so many women look for products that will reduce their aged appearance. As a result, many companies in this industry offer products that reduce wrinkles, facial lines and spots. These are represented as occurrences that need to be treated as soon as possible. Celebrities are used by many cosmetic companies to promote products because it gives their brand a lot of exposure. Thus allowing the cosmetics market to become highly competitive.

Consumers are always looking for new techniques. Social media is also used by a growing number of companies and brands to help them connect to the public. Tools such as Facebook and Twitter are now used to launch new products, to give consumers a play-by-play of a show, to get feedback and a number of other things Pitman, Technology has revolutionized the way the cosmetics industry works.

Visiting these stores is much easier as they are conveniently located close to your home. One might rather visit the store around the corner than a mall that may be located as far as 5 hours away. Its affordable pricing and wide availability gives the brand strength in the Canadian cosmetic industry. Revlon is another competitor in cosmetics, however it does not fall into the luxury segment. Revlon can be found away from department stores, in stores like Walmart. Revlon products are sold at competitive prices while MAC is sold at value-based prices.

8 Places to Buy Your Makeup in Shibuya

Market shares for the top international cosmetic companies are as follows: in billions of dollars. The business brags about their quality, safety, and efficiency in providing beauty products. The brand aims to provide products for men and women, but put more of an emphasis on women. Their research and development of the LR molecule, which is an anti-aging ingredient, has boosted their image as a brand on the edge of science. Their alignment with causes such as AIDS awareness and research has raised their profile to the public as well. Their social corporate responsibility paired with the variety of their product lines have become a huge part of what makes them who they are and defines their brand.

Revlon offers reasonably priced products for the average consumer. Their competitive pricing makes them a brand to look out for. Their products are easily accessible.

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Many chains like Walmart, Loblaws, Pharmasave and Zellers have the products for sale. The brand has used various celebrity endorsements over the years to boost their image. MAC is trusted by many professionals and everyday people. The brand has many faithful customers both old and young. They are most popular with females between the ages 18 to Although the brand has a vision to offer products for people of all ages, the older demographic is less aware and less loyal to the MAC brand. MAC offers a high quality product sold at a value-based price. These products are available to consumers in locations worldwide.

These locations are in more than 70 countries and territories. Blige, Nicole Richie and Nicki Minaj. In addition, the brand receives a vast amount of word of mouth endorsements from professional make-up artists. MAC Cosmetics prides itself in creating high-quality, fashion-forward products that are cruelty free while providing consumers with the experience of being attended to by highly trained makeup professionals. C cosmetics counter and the customers are rewarded with a free MAC lipstick of their choice. By doing so, the company is creating a loyal base of returning customers that feel recognized and important by participating in the program.

One weakness the company is facing is that the pricing of its products are more than the average drug store brands. By not having their professional color line available to the public, MAC could potentially be losing customers who are searching for professional grade, long-lasting make-up.

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Firstly, MAC has the opportunity to create more freestanding stores rather than having a small spot designated for the company in a larger department store i. The Bay. As well, there is an opportunity for International expansion specifically focusing on Middle Eastern countries, as foundations and blushes are being designed specifically for tanned skin tones.

In society today, consumers have become more health conscious and MAC Cosmetics has the opportunity to advertise that all of their products are cruelty free and they contain ingredients of the highest quality. MAC is able to play up their program where consumers are able to return six primary packaging containers and receive a free MAC lipstick of their choice.

They are also able to capitalize on their existing charitable work in order to generate greater brand loyalty. These brands are similarly priced, easily accessible, and rival the quality of MAC Cosmetics. In addition, drug store brands like Revlon and Maybelline, though lesser quality, offer very competitive pricing and are much more widely available than MAC Cosmetics. Although the economy has a serious negative effect on several non-essential industries, the cosmetics industry has remained rather unscathed according to The Economist. Primary target 4.

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These women are from the mid to high income bracket and tend to be well established in their career. It is also important to note that these women are post secondary educated and search for the best brand of products to use on their skin. Along with living busy lives, these women are socially active, technologically savvy, and follow fashion trends.

It is important to penetrate major markets in order to effectively reach the majority of the primary target audience. Secondary Target The secondary target market is females between the ages of 18 and 30, at both secondary and post-secondary education levels. Students and recent graduates, located in major urban markets are important for this target market because the majority of students are situated in the more populated areas of cities.

This target market would be more inclined to utlize untraditional media for information, in the way of social media and online advertisements. Marketing Communications Goal Challenge The first marketing communications goal is to stand out among other colour cosmetics brands among middle-aged, career minded women. The second marketing communications goal is to associate MAC Cosmetics with a youthful yet sophisticated and appropriate, on-trendy lifestyle.

Marketing Communications Objectives The first marketing communications objective is to create an image that is in keeping with sophisticated, coinciding with trending lifestyles. The second marketing communications objective is to build buzz for MAC Cosmetics among women aged 25 to 50 who are currently unfamiliar with the brand. This mix will contribute to the success of the objectives set out above.

The reasoning behind this selection is as follows: a Advertising Traditional forms of media advertising are crucial in order to put across a visual appeal to the target markets and to achieve brand awareness b Event Marketing An important event will take place that will link MAC Cosmetics to a fundraiser for female leadership programs. Female leadership and professionalism appears directly to the primary target and the event will help to generate buzz around MAC.

MAC Cosmetics will continue to build awareness in the community by publishing articles in different medias and educating the public. In store there are also makeup artists that give customers makeovers using only MAC Cosmetics products. The majority of their advertising occurs online through their YouTube channel and in magazine ads directed at a younger audience of something. As a businesswoman, she leads a busy life, but choosing MAC as her color cosmetic brand is a no-brainer. The brand has become a staple in her lifestyle. The appeal will be positive, showing the ultimately confident businesswoman and the MAC name.

They will highlight the product and the confidence in the women. They also be able to browse products and testimonials from real women just like themselves.

10 Best Mac Cosmetics Wholesale Suppliers (FAQ Provided)

Print and outdoor media show images of women glowing, exuberating confidence because of their MAC products. They will remain trendy yet age appropriate- a priority for the campaign. Media Objectives a Who The primary target is urban women aged The secondary target is tech-savvy women aged Emphasis of the budget will be given during this phase as it is just beginning in order to gain effective results and impact the rest of the year.

There will also be emphasis for flights around spring, fall, and at the end of the year for the holiday season, as these are the times of year women are most likely to buy products to update their looks. This will take time and will need to focus on ongoing creative strategies as well as by implementing new, trendy messages for appeal and attention. We know exactly which consumers we want to reach, and continue to focus and direct marketing efforts to them.

There were also be supplementary media focused at impacting key primary and secondary targets within urban areas, appropriate and unique to each area.

These include posters and billboards. Continuity is important throughout the remainder of the campaign, with increased focus during the pre-seasons outlined. A more detailed media schedule will be designed using gross rating point levels from market to market. As well as Slice, a division of Shaw Media.

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This will provide high reach in shorter time. MAC specific pre-printed inserts were also placed in newspapers in the main urban cities mentioned. In keeping with the profile-matching strategy, print ads in magazines specific to the target audience was also utilized. This provides an opportunity for multiple exposures as well as added reach if magazines are passed-on to other readers. There were also mall posters located inside shopping malls where MAC boutique retail stores are located.

Although these rely on only pedestrian traffic, the target audience is already in the malls and will act as a visual to direct the consumer to the appropriate place. This ads are clickable, and will take the audience directly to the MAC website for more information. Execution a Banner Ads Banner adds were scheduled on the Elle, Chatelaine, and Flare websites that are popular with professional women aged These segments are aimed at the workingwoman between 30 and 50 who lead very busy lives. A total of 10 segments were filmed for each season, airing on repeat throughout weekday programming.

These segments will also be available on both the www. This new section offers the above-mentioned video tutorials, as well as suggested products and additional suggested professional makeup looks with instructions. To link MAC Cosmetics to professional, sophisticated, on trend lifestyle. To encourage brand loyalty among women aged In addition, the top 50 most powerful women in Canada as determined by the Financial Post Magazine were also invited to the gala as VIP guests, free of charge. Leading up to the event, the women able to register online, indicating their skin tone, eye colour and hair colour.

A booklet were included in the shipment, which will have several sample looks that can easily be done with the makeup provided. There will be detailed instructions so that busy businesswomen will easily be able to execute the sophisticated, on-trend looks. Each of the VIP guests were treated to a complementary spa experience the day of the event. They will receive both pedicures and manicures using MAC nail polish. They will also have their hair done professionally.