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Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Turn Microsoft Excel or into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Stop wasting time learning new tools and perform complex statistical analysis right away! Last update 10 Feb.

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Users rating:. Microsoft Excel provides invaluable calculation tools to Mac users. Its powerful features combined with ease of use made Microsoft Excel a spreadsheet of choice for many Macintosh users. But what if you need more than the limited set of data analysis tools available in Microsoft Excel? StatPlus:mac offers you an ability to perform heavy-duty data analysis on your Mac in a familiar and convenient Excel environment.

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Integrating tightly with Microsoft Excel, StatPlus:mac empowers Microsoft Excel with a set of heavy-duty statistical analysis and data management tools, turning Microsoft Excel for Mac into a full-featured statistical analysis suite. Performing all types of data analysis on a Mac does not make you learn a new tool.

You will be using the familiar Excel environment to perform all kinds of analysis from basics statistical procedures to complex analysis such as GLM ANOVA, non-parametric, regression analysis, Probit and Latin squares analysis. StatPlus:mac enables you to get consistent, reproducible, ISO compliant results from Microsoft Excel every time you perform data analysis. Dedicated statistical packages are often associated with extraordinary costs and steep learning curves.

StatPlus:mac makes you forget about the learning curve with the use of Microsoft Excel as the host platform. If the QI Macros menu does not appear, contact support qimacros.

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If the QI Macros menu does not appear in the Excel ribbon, after install, make sure the Gallery of Templates is disabled, when opening Excel. If you tried to manually load the QI Macros menu, using the instructions at the top of this page, Excel might be blocking the add-in from loading. Once you have done so, completely quit out of Excel and reopen - do you now see the QI Macros menu? This sometimes happens if you install the trial and then purchase a key. If your license is older, you will need to upgrade your QI Macros to the latest version.

Excel will ask if you want to store the macro in the current workbook, click okay. Then, click on any other cell in the worksheet.

Excel, in its infinite wisdom decided to change Startup to Oppstart Norwegian , Demarre French or whatever in international versions of Excel, but does not populate the StartupPath variable needed to find it. It does, however, populate AltStartupPath:. QI Macros and all of its components will now be fully available. Visual Basic for Applications VBA was not enabled during the install of Microsoft Excel, or it became corrupted during install or during usage - this is mostly found in Excel , and Office for Mac.

To troubleshoot, reinstall Excel and make sure VBA is enabled. This error occurs during installation when Operating System permissions are not set up correctly, or if the Carbon Registration Database is corrupted. This is due to either a OS install error or a Microsoft install error.

To troubleshoot this issue, you will need to reinstall Microsoft Excel, as the VBA was not correctly included during initial Excel installation. This error occurs when your OS is damaged, and therefore cannot access the data available inside the installer, as it is a DMG file. To troubleshoot this issue, send an e-mail to: support qimacros.

Rare issues and issues with older versions of the QI Macros. Our Customers. KnowWare International, Inc. Colorado Blvd.

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