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Thank you. But thanks anyway! So I opened the pdf with preview, saved as described through printing via the borderless but save as pdf, and when I print the new pdf it still has the borders. I think the problem is for people like me that wants the PDF borderless but also wants to print that PDF and keep it borderless…. Do you have any solutions for this? This is printer dependent.

Remove part of the border

This worked great for me, I was having some issues but I managed to make it work by doing these simple steps:. This is great thank ypu. I have been lost for the last half hour trying to save a beautiful word document and couldn t get out of the damn white borders!!!

You… are a genius!! Nice clear instructions, thanks. Shall continue to try and find a fix…. Not working for me in Keynote! Thank you, thank you!! I tried all night to convert a custom sized CreateSpace book publishing template in Word with multiple sections to a borderless pdf so that the covers looked right and I could never get it. This worked first time and your instructions were great. I got as far as filtering for C83 but no C83 appeared. I see stylus series, stylus color, stylus photo but no C Any thoughts? Thank you so much! Seems mad that Apple havent thought of a solution before now,.

Bless you.

How to Add a Border in Word 2008 for Mac

I had sections and footers and no matter what I did, it would not print. I spent 2 hours trying to locate a solution. Yours was the one that finally worked. Appreciate it.

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Totally said my sanity! I just switched to a Mac, and got a little worked up about the borders and my inability to remove them. Your fix worked perfectly. Thanks for this simple and effective method. Hi, does it work for Powerpoint as well? Just installed as the steps suggested, but still coming up with border.

Yay this worked as I was still getting a narrow white border doing it the way TheBackpackr suggested which was better than the really wide ugly white border I was originally getting but your easier suggestion worked perfectly. Now I just have to work out how to keep my hyperlinks. Good to know there is another option. But the solution here worked for me.

It even works when you click save as to PDF from Word. Office OSX Works well for a regular A4. How can I make it work for A3, since it does not seem to exist in the printer setup? Everywhere you read on the internet, it says: change the margins.

How to Download Borders

This worked very nicely with new install of Word for Mac version 15 Office subscription. It works. I had to make or Borderless my default printer and had to fuss with my page set up a but but It works. Unfortunately I wanted to do a doc a bit bigger than 8. I often use Preview to save selected pages from a large pdf file to a much smaller pdf file that is more suitable for emailing.

I just used your solution to send my latest email attachments and it worked perfectly. The clearest instructions EVER — and the result worked first time. Thanks so much. It works, thank you so much for the solution!

How to create a border around a paragraph or other text in Word

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow. Hi tried to print a PDF without white borders. Did as you said with the Epson stylus C 83 but with a workforce but it would not allow borderless printing at all. So changed to workforce software from gutenprint. This is exactly the same problem as the software supplied by Epson.

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Epson really need to sort this out as it is so easy to allow borderless printing on any kind of paper. So frustrating. My old Brother printer does this easily I wish I had upgraded to a new Brother. Hi thank you the instructions were super clear but it made no difference on Keynote — does it only Work on Word in OS X?

It should work in any application. In Keynote, the paper size may differ and cause you to have white borders. I think I have tried literally every other solution out there suggested but getting the centerfold image split in half across 2 pages on our multi-section zine to print to PDF never worked until this solution.

Pages for Mac: Add borders and rules (lines) in Pages

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