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Share on Facebook. Step 1 Download compatible POS software for your computer. Step 2 Purchase peripherals for your software, including cash drawers, card readers, barcode scanners and receipt printers. Step 3 Install the POS software on your computer. Step 4 Open your newly installed software. Step 5 Enter or import your product inventory details -- such as product names and UPC codes -- into the software.

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Step 6 Conduct a test of the system by scanning a few items and running transactions. Tip Cash Register is a small, free program that can track up to 26, items in categories for POS transactions. The company offers monthly financing plans, and their iOS app also runs on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. The Square Register apps are free, but the company charges 2. It is a DOS program. Trust me, your money doesn't care.

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It will work with almost any receipt printer or regular computer printer. It will work without a printer but then you can't print receipts. You can use a scanner to read stock numbers.

Use Excel To Create Cash Register POS For Any Business! (Created McDonalds POS in 3 mins)!

It will pop open a cash drawer attached to a receipt printer or some serial cash drawers. NOTE: Serial cash drawers are not recommended. It will ring up to lines per sale. It will track up to 26, different items for a medium sized retail business or with almost no setup use in "minimal mode" for a garage sale, flea market, snack bar. For a complete description: Online version of POS user's guide.

Where did you come from? Could you tell me how you found this site? I would like to thank any other site that mentions this program.

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If you do not fill in your email address I have no way to reply. Here is a sample post I have been receiving lately from folks that check the box to be included in the list of registered users and later complain that they never receive any information on bug fixes and new features. Values submitted by the user: to: 2 subject: POS page from: daleharris prodigy. This software can be used in a classroom setting. Set up your own classroom store.

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  8. We can't thank you enough for your patience and assistance getting our products imported and customizing the layout of the interface and giving it our 'branding'. Subscribe or Purchase. Take control.

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    Quick and Easy Access Anywhere…. Free Test Drive. Point-of-Sale software and hardware for your Mac One time purchase or Subscribe! Reasons to choose MacPOS. Customer Support Fast, knowledgeable and accessible software support any time of day. Experienced Formed in with many years of experience in the retail industry and creating software.

    Mac Enthusiasts We know and love the Mac platform and began 30 years ago on System 1. Powerful MacPOS is packed with feature that don't get in your way. Easy to Use Many customers never read the manual because it's intuitive. Customizable Change the user interface to match your company's image and 'branding'.

    click Fast and Stable Checkout in the blink of an eye while keeping track of important information. Upgrade easily at any time. Discount Pricing. Pro and Standard versions have special time and quantity discounting features.

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    7. Loyalty Programs. Reward your customers for repeat business where they can earn points for items purchased or totals sales amount. Easy Installation. Easy installation on all of your Macs limited only by the concurrent licenses you have. Transfer the software and data easily between your Macs.