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Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery Software efficiently recovers each and every file emptied from trash-bin. With this data recovery Mac software, you can see the preview of all your recoverable photos, songs and video files during the scanning process. If you want, you can hide this on-the-fly preview by unchecking the option from preferences.

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Successfully recover deleted data from damaged hard drive via Disk Imaging feature. Clone Disk feature allows you to clone a weak hard drive before its permanently damaged.

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Relatively expensive as compared to other Windows recovery tools available on the market. When it comes to the performance of a data recovery tool, you want a software that can quickly scan and find deleted files on your hard drive. The tool should be able to handle extensive hard drive scanning with ease. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery delivers in those aspects.

There is no helpdesk here!

Its scanning capabilities are very good as compared to most other data recovery tools. To test the performance of the software, we scanned a GB hard drive partition to test both its quick scan and deep scan capabilities.

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Not only did the software handled the data scanning very well, it was also able to recover all the deleted files. Apart from this, a large data scan was also performed and the entire hard drive of 1 terabyte capacity was scanned to look for deleted files. In conclusion, Stellar Data Recovery performed very well and proved it's fast, efficient data scanning and recovering capabilities.

There are two types of licenses that you can purchase. You should choose the one that best suits your budget and requirements. With this license, you can recover all types of files, except for RAW files.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery team offers excellent customer support which is available to answer any basic questions that you might have about the product as well as the more complex issues that you may be facing. Select a device In this screen you have to select the device where you want to recover the files, it can be your hard drive or external devices like a USB, SD cards, etc. Type in csrutil status to see if the SIP has been disabled.

From the Utilities menu, select Terminal. In the window that opens, type the following command into the terminal: csrutil disable; reboot Hit Return. This turns off the System Integrity Protection.

Key Features of Best Data Recovery Software

Close the Terminal app. Restart your system again. Scan the volume to recover your data. Wait for the scan process This could take a time, it depends on the settings that you selected and the size of the device. Browse in the list of files After the scan, you will be able to see a list of files that you can recover, there are three lists, I recommend you to check the Deleted list because is easy to identify the files.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery review and download free registration key/activation code

Select files Select the files that you want to recover, in this point, you have to click the recover button to get the files back, but this functionality is only for the people that have the license, check the end of this post for more information. Select Destination Finally, you have to choose a folder to save files that you selected. Testing files recovered In the image below you can see some files that I recovered they are very old, they have more than 2 years in the USB memory, after several reformat the application was able to recover them, something I want to note is the names of the files, they can't be preserved I think is something impossible to recover since the files are very old, but if I try to recover a file deleted recently the name still intact.