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HI can someone advise if we can get the List view back in Ical. Block colours are useless when many entries appear each day. Completely wrecked up our day list now so considering switching to Google Calendar if no solution can be found. Advice welcomed. Posted on Oct 18, AM. Like others here, this was the most useful view for me and I'm disappointed it's not there, hope it comes back with the Yosemite. Oct 28, PM. Nov 19, PM in response to pinkbeats In response to pinkbeats. Nov 19, PM. I just figured out that if you put a "" two quotes with nothing between them in the search bar of Calendar, you can show all events in a particular or all calendar starting with today going forward.

You can scroll upwards to see events earlier than today's too, but the default is to show you from today onward. Hope this helps! Dec 28, PM. Page content loaded. Oct 23, AM. Oct 25, PM. Don't mind keeping the existing format but just adding the option of list view. Having to use an app that links to ical to view by a list, its a workaround , but having Icals own list view would be preferable.

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On a separate note have also found an annoyance with IPhoto, doesn't give you the date on an image anymore Are we finding lots of features removed with this upgrade just for the sake of it? Oct 26, AM. I think you guys all make great points, I too would like to see list view in iCal. Just a reminder and I'm sure you all know, this is a user to user forum and Apple may or may not get to see your opinion. I think you should let them know. You can leave them feedback at the following url. Oct 29, AM. Oct 29, AM in response to westongallagher In response to westongallagher. Oct 31, AM in response to westongallagher In response to westongallagher.

I'm with you all on this I sent Apple a note from the link you left.

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Oct 31, AM. Oct 31, PM.

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Dec 29, AM. Dec 29, AM in response to pinkbeats In response to pinkbeats. I have the same wish as you - want to make the list of All Day Events longer so it fits a long list. It's a pain. Regarding the sort order: In my experience, the order of all day events matches the arranged order of the calendars themselves as found in the calendar list. You can click and drag these to arrange as desired. Jan 1, AM. Page content loaded. Dec 28, AM in response to carriebrandon03 In response to carriebrandon There isn't a way to bring back list view. I too would like to see it returned. As for All day events only showing one at a time.

I don't experience what you do. Mine expands when I add more. I would try repairing your Disk Permissions in Disk Utility.

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Dec 28, AM. Screenshots Included below to help guide. Sorry about the quality of some of the shots as I had to take the photos of my screen. Dec 28, PM in response to westongallagher In response to westongallagher. Thank you for the info! I provided feedback telling Apple I'd love to see the day list view come back! Thanks for all your help! Hopefully they'll bring the list view back. Also wish they'd list the all-day events in some sort of order other than random - like alphabetical order would be helpful - it used to be that way on the phone but not the Mac calendar, and now there's no particular order on either phone or Mac.

I provided feedback asking for this back a long time ago Thanks again!

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I'm now realizing that this calendar sort works on my MacBook's iCal. For iCloud, although the list of calendars are in the same order as on the MacBook, the list of all day events uses some flavor of alphabetical order. Weird, my all-day events are in no particular order whatsoever.

A long time ago they used to list in alphabetical order on the phone but not on the icalendar on my Mac , but now no order at all. Full disclosure - I recently deleted nearly all of my calendars and built them again from scratch not that I'm recommending that you do the same! Wish i had more to offer. My latest nightmare has been about recurring events: Recurring Events for iCal Yosemite.

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Just looked at my iPhone - these events are totally in random order as you say. Tons of inconsistencies Oh yeah, I think I'll pass on creating a new calendar from scratch! I noticed some trouble trying to delete a single one of a recurring event recently, but fortunately haven't dealt with recurring event issues too much yet. But thank you for the heads up!!

Good luck to you as well! It's so hard to keep everything like we want it to work. Jan 1, PM in response to carriebrandon03 In response to carriebrandon And I don't get it.