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Microsoft released a public beta for the next major update for Windows Live Essentials dubbed "Wave 4" on June 24, For Windows Live Mesh, the application has been rewritten to be based on the previous Live Mesh and will allow PC and Mac users to keep their documents, pictures and music in sync across multiple computers. Microsoft released the final version of Windows Live Essentials on September 30, Although all applications in Windows Live Essentials suite will continue to function on Windows Vista, 7, and 8, there will be no significant updates made to these applications in the future.

Microsoft Family Safety is also installed for Windows 7 users only, as Windows 8 has built-in family safety functionalities. These two programs have also received several updates and enhancements since their release, including video stabilization, waveform visualizations, new narration tracks, audio emphasizing, default save as H. Some of the apps included in the package are unsupported on Windows 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Windows Essentials Windows Essentials installer.

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  • May 5, Hope someone can help, i'm using window 7 and have just Installed movie maker 2. These have been saved as Movie Clip. I have reinstalled the software several timesOn the same machine windows live movie maker does work but I need a better editing software I find movie maker live very restrictive. Other people can use 2. Many thanks Damon.

    Sarah, Thank you so much for providing the link to download v2. This is a life saver for me! I'm a freelancer who is creating how-to cooking videos, and the new version of MovieMaker has so much stripped out that I cannot use it. Maybe Microsoft will release a more full-featured version in and I can update to it.

    Damon: Apparently the old movie maker version does not support. Hello, does anyone know how to get the Vista version? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it! I have 2.

    How to make a Professional intro with Windows live Movie maker 2011 NEW

    Really loved the old movie maker and very little trouble. Can a person have both live and original MM on their computer? Please improve Live MM quickly if not.

    I had sleepless nights over the new version on my windows 7. Thank you for the above solution.

    Windows Live Essentials: Movie Maker

    I couldn't even cut and merge music files with the movie-maker. Well I just downloaded and tried out the new Movie Maker and I am bitterly disappointed. I can't do most of the clever things with it that I had learnt to do with the old version. I have no control over overlap which I used to create some brilliant multi-layered effects in the old version , can't edit clips separately, can't place all the material in a folder, can't find all the zooming options for pics. The list just goes on. I just don't get it.

    This is like a baby's toy instead of a decent editor. I sure hope I can get the old one back on my pc. Knew I should have ignored the new one. Hate the Windows Live version of Movie Maker - it doesn't do what I want and it is not intuitive like the version I had on my Vista machine. Anyone know of a way to get the Vista version installed on a Windows 7 machine? For MS info - I do not want to publish my movies to the web, and I do not want to have software automatically create movies for me! Give us back the older version that was easy to use and more powerful than the new version!. Just downloaded the newe version and was, like all of you, very disappointed.

    No merging songs and video anymore, notimeline. So it's now quite useless. Like this, dear friends of Microsoft, you can't win against apple. Now way.


    I downloaded 2. It does not work properly. Pleas just make a version of the old moviemaker for win 7 that actually is bug free. This new version of movie maker is rubbish!! Why change something that works??????. I wanted to make even cooler videos. Then, with my new OS installed, I rubbed my hands together, anticipating the download of a better Movie Maker with panning finally!

    I cannot even explain to you my disappointment when I ever opened it. I really assumed this program would help me take my videos to the next level, but it doesn't have any of the type effects I love like paint drip it has about six , or the video effects, like smudge or spectrum. I hate that I can't set type on video clips!

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    • And I really, really hate that's there's no timeline. I liked overlapping my pictures a certain way, at a certain point, to get a seamless blend. I think their reason for making it simpler is a load of bull. How is it easier?

      Télécharger Windows Live Movie Maker

      Before it was right there. And before, there was an option for timeline OR storyboard. WLMM is no better than any other slideshow program.