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When the install is finished, all disk images will automatically unmount. Speed tip: To speed up Disk Copy 6. All of the images on this CD have been tested and verified, so unless you copy an image to another volume and are in doubt about its integrity, you should turn this option off. Many installations share common disk images. In all of these cases, we have used aliases in order to avoid any duplicate files. If you wish to copy an entire install from the CD, check to make sure you replace any aliases with the original images.

Some disk images are of volumes larger than the standard floppy disk sizes. In these cases, you will only be able to mount the image and install; you will not be able to make disks. Important note: This CD relies heavily on the use of aliases in order to provide the cross-referenced organization and to eliminate redundant files. When copying information from this CD, check to ensure you have copied the original files and not the aliases. To reduce headaches caused by chicken and egg problems, make sure to install Stuffit Deluxe 4.

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Disk Copy 4. A dual-bootable System 6 and System 7 platform allows for additional flexibility. Basilisk II and SheepShaver are fairly similar. Neither has the speed control function of Mini vMac, so they run at full-tilt off the host system, but they can run in the background, unlike Mini vMac and have color support although there is a beta version of Mini vMac as a Mac II, but it's not under active development.

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Basilisk II has a rather poorly X11 look designed preferences editor, but it works nonetheless. SheepShaver is a more reliable alternative unless there is something specific that Basilisk II suits the best.

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Most games will work fine in either. The management of disk images, decompressing. Make sure to add the ROM file into the path field for the ROM file before setting the system type drop-down menu, lest it will crash. Based on this, an emulator of some kind could be useful in emergency purposes or just reliving the antiquated experience without the bother of maintaining the hardware, if all the components work without crashing or corrupting on a regular basis.

Make sure to keep backups of the emulator boot disk images. All testing was done on a 2. In OS X It is more of a integrated virtual machine because it is tied to the OS X kernel. When it boots up, it looks like the image to the right but once it has started up then it ties in to the standard menu bar and becomes more like an application rather than the more popular image of a virtual machine.

There are many applications for which it ought to work fine but generally. In the image to the lower right, HyperCard is one example of a program that works well in Classic, but GopherGolf is Other games like Age of Empires: Rise of Rome are also "workable" but only just.

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Most of the full-screen games like Factory or Ultimate Pool will be okay, but games like Bolo or Frog Xing which run in a dedicated window usually work better. Early System 6-era programs such as Microsoft Works 2. It works alright in most cases and like Classic Emulation, there can be hiccups here and there but generally speaking most application binaries for OS X work fine as such.

Apple did a fairly reasonable effort with Classic Emulation and Rosetta, although eventually the sun sets on those kinds of implementations. Intel Macs cannot run the Classic Emulation mode. Guess all that work porting Mac OS to Intel machines was in vain. Then again, if they had only made the Mac mini G4 bootable with OS 9. Unlike the Classic Environment on PPC machines, the Rosetta emulation is transparent to the user and there is no "booting of the emulated machine".

Applications simply open as if they were Intel native and just work -- or they crash horribly and unpredictably. Usually really old OS X apps that date back to the Puma Back up data often. Odd tidbits: The G4 and G5 machines max out at See the previous sections about data encoding and disk images for processing.

Choose "Save as It appears that System 3. All have been triple-checked for integrity and inspected with Disinfectant. Note: Some disks may have blank or generic icons for the content therein. This is a function of the way the Desktop file is handled when working with disk images created virtually. Because the risk of bad media, most disk images provided here such as the SSW6 NAD disk images were created virtually. Rebuild the desktop file if needed to rectify this issue. A text file with a MD5 checksum of every file is provided here.

The checksums of that file are copied directly from Terminal. To compute the MD5 checksums, older Macs can use this utility. Run the MD5 tool against the raw download, as demonstrated, rather than the decoded or decompressed output. Concerning MacTerminal 2. A 68kmla member provided a MacTerminal 2. The provided disk was based on making a modified version of the System 3. This provided copy is not an original and should not presented as an original copy of a MacTerminal 2.

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Notes for the NADs: For the 1. Next, install any Ethernet drivers onto the first boot disk itself with the NSI 1. Reboot with the updated boot disk and the changes should be applied. Use the RAM disk to be the active boot volume, unload Fetch, or other tasks. The heyday of the classic Macintoshes simply overflowed with games.

Some were good, some where mediocre, some were downright rubbish, but a small few were really good. Let's take a look at some of them that have faded into obscurity, been forgotten, or are left as fond memories of "the old days". It must be stressed that many of these games are not as visually striking or realistic as modern games.

But in the context of the day, they were as modern as it got. While they may be lacking in such areas, they can make up in the overall sense of "casual", "fun-loving", "plain and simplified" rather than "hard-charging", "industrial-strength" or "raw and unfiltered". Most of these games require color, about 8MiB of memory and some can run off a floppy disk. The original network strategy tank combat game. Enormously popular back in the day, and can still provide a hard challenge and heart-pounding action today. Each map weighs in between 4KiB and 16KiB, so a single floppy can hold a reasonable stack of maps.

Each map is pretty much its own unique playing experience. For instance, the author downloaded Carl Osterwald's map archive expired domain , which has approximately 3, items and adds up to about 25MiB. The best A. Ally them together for an additional challenge. Networking remotely was originally accomplished via a Bolo Tracker, but the number of games in deployment is so infrequent that it is not worth the time to bother. Better is to hook some friends into the game and play LAN games, with aIndy filling in a couple of slots.

Color works a lot better on this game for faster detection of hostile pillboxes and enemy bases, identifying allied versus hostile tanks, and so forth.

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Eye strain is reduced dramatically with color -- and an optical rodent input works much better than a ball-equipped mouse. The game also plays acceptably on emulators, aside from Mini vMac which is a little spotty. A note about this game was that it was so popular that it even got its own dedicated newsgroup back in the day: rec. One link for this game is Stuart Chesire's page here.

The Info-Mac archive does have some Bolo content but is not comprehensive. Modern ports such as WinBolo, NuBulo and there might be a Linux clone do not come close to the original with its bugs like the pill massage trick serving as useful bonuses. Once the beginner robes are discarded and pill-takes are mastered the real heart of the game opens up -- strategy.

Certainly a worthy game of the times, being easy to learn and difficult to master. An enticing title that features 3D graphics, it is a maze-based tank game. Attack enemies either via A. You will want at least four players in the game to get some action going.

Available from the Macintosh Garden, it also has customizable mazes and parameters. May have speed control problems on faster machines or via emulation, as it relies on hardware timers to keep the pace correct. Playable under greyscale but best with color. Make sure to read the manual. If there was a convenient measure of an individual's competence with a mouse or trackball and puzzle-solving skills, there is one such game that can joust for the title: Oxyd. The original version supported networking via serial ports two player mode , and the subsequent versions like Per.

Oxyd, Oxyd Magnum! Requires two colors black and white or 16 colors, but color mode works too. Better bet is to use a x display any bigger won't help and color.

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Black and white and greyscale is brutal on the eyes for extended intervals. The original Oxyd version requires that you purchase a rather humorous Oxyd book to obtain the level codes. These books pop up on eBay infrequently. Try checking ebay. The other version has been cracked and does not need codes.

There also may be a certain Oxyd Book that was scanned and uploaded to a certain defunct file sharing site The game itself is simple in idea, simple in execution, but sophisticated in the puzzle department.