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"Run destination My Mac is not valid" error on Xcode 7 beta 5?

Jun 9, 1, 7 Rochester, NY. Hey guys, I've been upgrading my dev. See screenshot. What is the difference between the bit scheme and the bit scheme? My project settings seem to indicate that the build is both and bit. A bit of research didn't turn up too much on the subject.

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Screen shot at 7. Dec 16, 1, 0 Sydney. Primarily you're choosing weather you're running your Universal app as a bit app or a bit app. But you can customise any aspect of the phases differently between bit and bit development.

Make An Application For Mac OS X Using Xcode!!

Feb 16, 23 home. No, I'm wrong about being able to customise the scheme settings between bit and bit. You can't.

Mac OS X build instructions

Unless you create different schemes. The bit verses bit are destinations of the same scheme, with the same settings. It's just about "where" the program is run. Another example of destination is in iOS development.

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In iOS projects, you'll have an iPad simulator destination, an iPhone simulator destination, and an iOS device destination. Littleodie said:. So the actual application will be compiled, regardless of which Scheme I choose, as a Universal app. Just copy the files to the destination. Now make sure that the setuid stubs have the correct permissions:.


Another requirement of hardening is that every path component of the parent directory of VirtualBox. Make sure this is the case. If you see something like the following error when starting VirtualBox you need to change the used libraries to use absolute paths. On Mac OS X it isn't allowed to use libraries with relative paths for referencing to other libraries when the executable is setuid.

You can display all linked libraries by the following command:. The first command changes the identifier of the library itself.

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The second changes references to other libraries. Note, you need to repeat this with every library involved at least VirtualBox. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use.

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    • Lion , Building VirtualBox Change to the root directory of the sources and execute the configure script:. Whenever you want to build VirtualBox, you have to open a shell and source the generated environment setup script env. Running VirtualBox Load all the kernel extension modules. Execute and make sure the modules loads successfully.