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Click once on a flag's name; in this example, click on the Red flag, wait a few seconds, and then click on the Red flag once again. The name will become highlighted, allowing you to type in a new name. Enter the name of your choice; I changed the name of my Red flag to Critical, so I can see at a glance which emails need to be answered as soon as possible.

Once you have changed a flag's name, the new name will appear in the sidebar. However, the new name may not be visible yet in all menu and toolbar locations where flags are displayed.

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To ensure your changes migrate to all locations in Mail, quit Mail and then relaunch the app. To flag a group of messages, select the messages and then select Flag from the Message menu. A fly-out menu will display the list of flags as well as their names; make your selection to assign a flag to multiple messages. Now that you have various messages flagged you will want to be able to view those messages that were important enough to be coded with a flag color. There are two basic ways to zero in on your flagged messages:. To remove the flag from a message you can use any of the methods we outlined for adding a flag, but select the option to clear the flag, or in the case of right-clicking a message, select the X option for the flag type.

To remove the flag from a group of messages, select the messages, and then select Flag, Clear Flag from the Message menu. Share Pin Email.

Flag or unflag emails

Updated February 19, You can repeat this process to rename all seven Mail flags if you wish. There are two basic ways to zero in on your flagged messages: Use the Sidebar - Mails sidebar includes a Flagged group.

Rebuild the Mailbox & Reindex Messages to Fix Common Problems in Mail App for Mac OS X

Use the disclosure triangle to expand the Flagged group and display all the flags. You can also select the entire group to display every message that has been flagged.

Jan 17, 8: Aug 22, 7: Thanks Eric. Just updated to Sierra and all flags were screwed up. Rebuilding mailboxes has fixed it! Aug 22, 8: Aug 22, 9: Read this article: Mail for Mac: Flag messages. If some issues are in the mail delete the mail account and configure it once again: Set up Mail with your email accounts. The starred folder is used for flagged e-mails.

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If you don't want this folder to show up in the mail. Go to preferences and choose the label tab. There you can uncheck show in IMAP. After the next synchronization, the folder should be gone. Sep 21, 2: Communities Contact Support.

How to Re-index Messages in Mac® OS X™

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Safari Speciality level out of ten: Flagged Mail not showing in Sidebar Folder Ever since I updated to Sierra, my flagged emails do not show up in the sidebar folder. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. OhGreat OhGreat.

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  • Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: View answer in context. Loading page content. I find it very irksome as well. Eric Root Eric Root.

    Flagged emails don't show in flags folder in High Sierra Mail

    Rebuild mailbox If that doesn't work, try re-indexing the mailboxes. Thank you! I knew there had to be a simple fix. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I have my own website through iPower and I use a server thru that, so not Yahoo. Dommie Dommie Rebuilding the mailboxes did the trick for me. I'm hoping that it will also improve the search function which was also very flakey.